Take a 360 Tour of Hildi and Clinton’s Trading Spaces Room Renovations

posted: 05/06/18
by: TLCme
The reveals on last night's Trading Spaces were EPIC. While neither of the homeowners were thrilled with their final basements, Hildi and Clinton created some of the most unique and creative designs we've ever seen! Below, join Paige Davis for a tour of both rooms and hear from Hildi about the inspiration behind her colorful design.

Going into this renovation, what were you thinking initially?

I knew room design would become a study in special arrangement, meaning I would break down the room and create several different spaces were Terri and Cornell could relax, dine, entertain, and of course play with their grandson. The information I was given indicated Terri was eager to have an area where she could invite friends to watch television, but also wanted Cornell to have space for his buddies to play pool and hang out. Terri was specific about the colors she loved - orange, purple, red, yellow, and even noted turquoise as an accent color. She also knows what she doesn't like--brown, black, white, and tan. In her pre-interview it wasn't hard to determine how much she is drawn to the colors favored by her musical idol, the late, great Prince.

Is there a reason you didn't put more of a nod to Prince in the room?

Creating a room that pays tribute to an iconic figure like Prince can be straightforward--purple this and a familiar graphic on the wall would be the obvious place to start. But had we gone with album covers, lyrics stenciled on the walls, and images of the artist we would have spent our entire $2k on licensing fees. I had in mind a more evocative tribute to Terri's hero by creating a very forward-thinking design for the room--just as Prince did withhis music. I was fortunate that Terri and Cornell's neighbors and friends Crystal and Will were ready to take risks and give it a go. Little did I realize they would be the hardest-working and among the most enjoyable couples I've had the pleasure of working alongside on Trading Spaces!

You had a very large space to work with! What did you decide to tackle first?

My first move was to soften the harsh stone wall that runs along the lower half of the basement. The dark trim stole the beauty from the stone. By painting the trim a neutral matching the drywall, the trim disappeared and now the beautiful colors in the stone stood out. Chrystal and Will painted the doors and moldings the same color and just like that, we now have a neutral base against which we can start building the rest of the room.

How did you pick your palette for the room?

Two paintings Terri and Cornell had in their basement inspired my color story for this room. Knowing I would place those paintings above the sofa in the final design, I set out to find African wax prints which featured all of Terri's favorite colors and are showing up on runways across Paris where I hit the jackpot at Chateau Rouge, a Parisian open-air market. I collected remnants of anything with these colors and even came across items reflecting the team colors of Cornell's beloved Washington Redskins. The colors in these items are also found throughout Terri and Cornell's home.

Can you talk to us about the leaves on the walls?

The leaf pattern for the wall was pulled from the fabric that was used on the pillows on the sofa. Colorful patterns are a good way to add interest and help define the space. In this case, I used the leaf stencils and hand painting to define the lounge and dining area as separate from the game area.

Did you enjoy working with Ty for a second time this season? How did you use his carpentry skills in this room?

Ty and I always work well together. Collaborating with him is always rewarding and this episode we built a bar for the alcove by repurposing things already in the room--cabinets, shelves, and leftover stone. The shelf came off the wall and became a freestanding bar. The cabinets were removed from the wall to become storage and additional counter space. Ty built new shelves for the wall to display barware and the leftover stone tiles went on the white to echo what is seen in the other part of the basement. The end result was a beautiful and practical.

Where did your idea for the colored stripes come from?
An installation at the Venice Beienalle inspired my decision to use 1x2" planks painted different colors for the wall. Bringing color, depth, and perspective into the room also served to frame the pool table and defined the room as a pool hall next to the lounge and became my favorite element of the room. Covering the 3 shadow boxes with sheetrock and painting the electrical box eliminated any interruption in enjoying this feature.

Any regrets in this room?
Some might argue that I live by the familiar refrain from the Prince song, "Let's Go Crazy!" In this room, I came up with a fun project with Ty for the game room--defined by games that used balls. Hearkening back to childhood crafts, I employed paper mach? to cover every sort of game ball I could find. The spheres were to become an incredible sculpture for the ceiling. However, we don't fake things on Trading Spaces and there are no elves behind the scenes making sure everything is perfectly executed. We got off to a late start which meant the paper mach? didn't have time to dry. My ambitious sculpture project proved too ambitious and became a small art piece in a corner. Time is the biggest enemy we have on Trading Spaces!

What were you thoughts when you saw Terri and Cornell's reactions to the room?
Terri opened her eyes to a room inspired by her hero using colors from her preferred palette, but the end result seemed not to appeal to her. The colors and design may not have immediately reflected her love for Prince, but she and Cornell now have two defined spaces with a custom-built bar, added entertainment with the ping-pong topper, and a terrific space for entertaining even if it does come with a little bit of "Controversy." I think Prince would love the room!

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