Tailgate Hacks That Will Get You Ready for Football Season

posted: 09/07/16
by: Amanda Mushro
Kids Tailgate

Football fans, rejoice! It's your favorite time year because football season is in full swing. Like any true football fan fanatic knows, there's nothing like seeing your favorite team play at home field after a long and successful tailgate. But before you grab the hot dogs and beer, let's up your tailgate game with these genius tailgate hacks.

Tailgates can get messy and sometimes napkins just don't get the job done. Try this hack to keep a roll of paper towels handy during your tailgate. Take a plastic hanger and crack the bottom of the hanger. Put your paper towel roll through both sides of the broken hanger and use the hook to attach the roll on a tent or on the back of a chair. Instant paper towel holder!

If you have friend's joining you at the tailgate but you're worried they won't find you in the large crowd, pick up a helium balloon and ask for an extra-long string. Attach it to your car so your pals will find you in a sea of football fans no matter where you set up your tailgate.

Skip the plastic tablecloths that fly away when the wind blows and tear easily. A twin size fitted sheet fits perfectly over a long folding table, it stays put on windy days, and you can color coordinate to match your team's colors.

Keep all of your grilling utensils and seasonings in one place by attaching a clear over-the-door shoe organizer on a tent or over the back of your car. This way you can keep everything organized and you can see what supplies you need. This is also a great way to organize plastic silverware, condiments, and napkins.

If you have a cooler full of drinks, organize the drinks by type in stacks. Then tape a sign to the top of the cooler to let tailgaters know which side has the water, soda, and beer. This way they won't have to fish around in the ice and drinks to find what they want.

Put your cooler to work and heat food for your tailgate--yes, you read that right! Start by lining aluminum foil around the inside of your cooler and also around a few hot bricks (you can heat them on the grill). Lay the bricks on the bottom of the aluminum lined cooler and place the food on top of the bricks. Close the lid and in just a few minutes, you have warm food!

Keep a plastic container with a lid handy so you can toss all your dirty dishes into the container and wash them at home inside the plastic container. Genius!