Super Fun Pool Games You Can Make in Minutes

posted: 06/20/17
by: Amanda Mushro

If your kids are like mine, they can spend hours at the pool every single day in the summertime. Even though they love a good cannonball competition and a few rounds of Marco Polo, they'll probably want to change up their pool days with a few new games. Now there are plenty of expensive pool toys you can buy for a little summer fun, or you can whip up one of these games for just a few dollars but end of getting hours of fun.

Raft Relay Race

Pool races are always fun, but you can change up a regular race with just a few items you probably already have at home. Start by grabbing painter's tape or string and use it to create makeshift lanes in the pool. Then grab a few rafts and put your swimmers into teams for swim-relay racing.

Palley Roundball Classic

Water Gun Race

Turn your pool into an arcade with these water gun races. Just poke a hole into the bottom of a few plastic cups and put string through the holes in the cups. Then tie the string across the length of the pool and have your kids fill up their water guns. To start the race, have your kids sit on the edge of the pool, and when you say "Go" they have to shoot the water into the cup to move it along the string. The first to get their cup to the other end of the pool wins.

This Grandma Is Fun

Poolside Scrabble

Family game night has never been so fun! Turn the pool into one large board game with poolside scrabble. Using a permanent marker, write letters on colorful sponges for instant scrabble tiles. How many points is the world brilliant?

Toddler Approved

Ping Pong Number Game

If you are hosting a pool party and want to play a game with a big group of kids, buy Ping-Pong balls in bulk. Use a permanent pen to write numbers on each of the balls. Tell the swimmers a magic number, and then toss all of the balls in the pool. Have kids collect only the magic number, and whoever has the most at the end, wins.


Sponge-Ball Toss

All you need are a few sponges and frisbees to play sponge-ball. Start by making the sponge ball by tying pieces of sponges together--you can also use small pool-friendly balls for this game. Then flip over the frisbees and scatter them in the pool. Let your kids take turns trying to land the balls into each of the frisbees.

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Duck Push

For Duck Push you'll need a few rubber duckies and a few swimmers that are ready to play. Players line up on one end of the pool, and to win, they must get their rubber duck across the pool using their nose or breaths of air to push the duck across the pool. Remind players they cannot touch or hold onto their duck. For older kids, let them try to push their opponent's ducks off course by splashing water at the duck or making waves.

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Check out these pool safety tips to ensure your kids enjoy these awesome games!