Super Easy and Super Fun Ice and Water Play Ideas for Your Kids

posted: 06/27/16
by: Amanda Mushro
Family Water Fight

It's officially summer and that means summer vacation for your kiddos. It also means it won't be long before you hear those dreaded words "Mommy, I'm bored!" So instead of spending a beautiful day stuck inside, impress your kids with a few new water and ice activities that will turn their boredom into "Mommy, this is so fun!"

DIY Waterslide. Create your own backyard waterslide by putting a large tarp on a slope and hang a hose above the tarp. A clothesline works great for this part. Use a clip or a rubber band to hold the trigger down so the nozzle continues to spray the tarp. Drizzle inexpensive or dollar store shampoo or dish soap all over the tarp to make it slippery. Once the tarp is wet and slippery, your kids will have a blast sliding down over and over!

Painting Ice. Cover a large shaded space with a plastic table cloth or find a large plastic tray and fill with ice cubes. Grab a few different colors of washable paint and place them in small containers or cups. Let your kids use paint brushes and sponges to paint the ice. Your kids will love getting messy, so dress them in the right clothes -- but they'll also love seeing the ice and paint change colors as the ice melts.

Tin Foil River. Using a roll of tin foi, double the foil and unroll it down a slight slope. Fold both sides up so that you can form a long river with walls on each side. Let your kids fill the river with small toys and rocks. Turn on your hose and the top of the river. Your kids have a blast playing in the water and watching their toys float down the river. The rocks are a great way to add a few twists and turns in the river. Keep a bucket at the bottom of the river to catch the water so your kids can take turns pouring the water back down the river.

Ice Chalk. Create a mixture of half cornstarch and half water. Divide the mixture into smaller bowls and add washable paint to each bowl. Then pour the mixtures into ice cube trays and freeze. Once frozen, take the chalk outside for a little sidewalk chalking fun.

Water Wall. Attach a few pool noodles to an outside wall or deck (duct tape or even zip ties works perfectly for this). As you are attaching, be sure to zig and zag the noodles so they are all different shapes. Give your kids "tools" to get water in the tops of the noodles. Cups, bottles, funnels, and measuring spoons are great options. Let your kids have races as they experiment how to get water into the noodles and how to make the water move faster.