Super Cool Mom Makes Superhero Hearing Aids for Kids

posted: 07/07/15
by: Courtney Reimer
child wearing superhero themed hearing aids

In 2011, Sarah Ivermee's son Freddie was born with congenital CMV, a virus that left him profoundly deaf in one ear and with moderate hearing loss in the other. At just two months old, hew as fitted with a cochlear implant.

But as he grew up, Sarah noticed her son seemed more and more self-conscious about his hearing aids. And so did some of his hearing-impaired friends. So the UK-based mom of two decided to do something to help kids embrace their devices. She developed Lugs, a line of decorative hearing aids for kids.

The kits come in Ironman, Frozen, and Star Wars designs, along with floral and Angry Birds looks. Ivermee can customize it for kids' interests -- she's done a soccer-themed hearing aid, a Toy Story one, and even a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle aid. She's expanding the range of available kits every week.

Apparently Freddie's Lugs have become so cool that his non-hearing-impaired little brother Charlie even wears them. How cool is that?

And he's not alone: since the likes of Mashable have picked up the Lugs story, they have had to shut down the site due to demand. They posted this message:

"Due to an extremely high volume of orders we have had to temporarily close the website for 24 hours. it will give us a chance to fulfil all orders that have been already placed and ensure we have stock levels for further orders. Thank you for your patience."