Summer Fun: 6 Activities to Try This Summer

posted: 06/22/18
by: Katie Morton

As the weather warms up, many of us get the urge to get more active, try new things, and discover new ways to enjoy the season. Bonus: researchers have learned that exercise helps mental health by reducing stress and anxiety. This summer, here are 6 activities to try (or revisit if you've done them before.)

1. Climbing

As it turns out, rock climbing isn't just good for the body, it's also good for the brain, increasing body awareness and problem-solving skills. To get started, you can visit an indoor climbing gym for training classes on safety and equipment.


2. Indoor Obstacle Course

Inspired by the popular TV show called Ninja Warrior, indoor obstacle courses and Ninja Warrior style training gyms have been steadily gaining in popularity. Test your ninja skills with various technical challenges and feats of strength.


3. Aerial Fitness

Cirque du Soleil and rock star Pink's concerts featuring aerial acrobatics have planted this beautiful form of airborne dance firmly in our consciousness. Now you can try it too because there's a fitness trend around it called aerial fitness.

4. Synchronized Swimming

Who doesn't love watching a good synchronized swimming routine? It's mesmerizing. You can get private or group instruction, or join a team. Google your goals to find a synchronized swimming club near you. Of course, you can simply grab a friend and clown around in the pool and try to create your own synchronized swimming routine.

5. Trapeze School

Whether you're afraid of heights or not, taking trapeze lessons is a fabulous way to build confidence and strength and have fun while tackling your fears. Washington, D.C., New York City, San Francisco, London, and other metropolitan areas have trapeze schools.


6. Group Meditation

Okay, meditation isn't a physical exercise, but it claims the same mood-boosting, anxiety-busting positive side effects as physical exercise. Many people find group meditation much easier and mood-boosting than attempting mediation solo. The energy and calmness of the group can lift you to greater heights--and make it easier to sit and stay put for the length of the meditation.

So there you have it, six ways to have more fun this summer! Get out there and take advantage of the warmer weather to try new things, break out of a rut, feel healthier and happier, and experience the fullness of life.