Stylish Ways to Store Your Jewelry

posted: 01/06/17
by: Amanda Mushro

When it comes to your jewelry, you want it to sparkle and shine. But when you store your favorite pieces in a jewelry box, you can end up with knotted necklaces and earrings and rings that get buried and lost. Your jewelry is meant to be seen, so stop hiding it! Turn your jewels into chic displays. Not only will your jewelry keep it's shape and shine, but will add a fun sparkle to any room in your house with these stylish jewelry storage ideas.

Adding a few rows of small hooks to a shabby-chic wooden shelf makes the perfect storage for your jewels. Line up bracelets and necklaces for a dazzling display that is ready to add sparkle to your look and any room in your home.

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Repurpose wine corks and turn them into adorable DIY jewelry storage. So yesterday's pinot grigo can lead to this fun earrings display.

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Rather than choosing a jewelry box that hides your jewels, why not choose glass boxes that make a gorgeous display. Pair like jewelry in each box and stack on a dresser or counter for dazzling d?cor.

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If you have an interesting statue or figurine in your home, use it for more than display on your shelf. Dress up any statue with your jewelry for a tangle free and super stylish display.

What's a more perfect combo than jewelry and chocolate? If you have a collection of rings and pins, create a fun display for each piece in a vintage candy holder. Use each candy wrapper to display your jewelry and to keep it clean and safe for the next time you need a little sparkle for your outfit.

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While this stacked dish is meant for sweet treats like candy or cookies, it looks perfect as a jewelry display. Whether you use an antique piece or something new, it will look amazing any room.

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If you want your jewelry on display but only for your eyes, turn a shadow box into jewelry storage by adding pegboards inside the shadow box. Put your favorite picture on the outside and all of your favorite jewels inside.

You don't have to spend a lot of money on your jewelry storage. Turn any dish into a display for your small jewelry pieces by adding small stones-- you can find these at any craft store--and laying your jewelry on top.