Strangers Throw A Student Who Missed His Graduation a Ceremony on the Subway

posted: 05/31/17
by: TLCme
Public transportation is great, often reliable, but of course we've all experienced delays during the most inconvenient times. When Jerich Alcantara was on his way to graduation aboard the E train, ready to graduate from Bellvue School of Nursing, and his fellow riders (complete strangers) realized he was not going to make his graduation....so they threw him a ceremony.

"I was wearing the cap and gown the whole time, and honestly when we were on the train at some point it looked like everyone was kinda upset, tired of everything so I decided I'd just thank everyone for being there for my gradyation that it meant a whole lot to me and then they just all started cheering," Alcantara told NY1.

So I guess humanity and kindness are more reliable than public transit, and at least we have that.