Stranger Who Paid for a Couple’s Meal Proves That One Act of Kindness Makes a Difference

posted: 08/17/17
by: Kristine Boyd

When you pay for someone's coffee or ice cream you expect them to them to smile and have a better day. One stranger was not expecting the reaction she saw when she paid for a stressed couple's meal.

One morning Mary Katharine Backstrom, or Mom Babble on Facebook, was at a restaurant eating breakfast when she saw a young couple who appeared to be having a rough morning. "They were taking turns removing their raging toddler from the table so they could scarf down some pancakes and coffee. They were fierce in gentleness, addressing an impossible situation with patience and grace that I could never dream of achieving," she wrote. It was clear that the couple was trying to have an enjoyable family breakfast.

The stress and frustration continued for another 30 minutes when they decided to throw in the towel and go home. The couple called for the check and said there was no time for boxes. They were eager to get their crying baby out of a public place and Mary had been there many times before. She decided to pay for their check and write an encouraging note. Mary was expecting for them to smile and move on with their day. "I did NOT expect to watch this mama rush outside and break down in the parking lot, crying into her husband's arms," she wrote.

This truly opened Mary's eyes. Here she saw a put together, beautiful, young mother who was patiently trying to care for her baby at breakfast. It seemed as though she had everything together and was handling the situation with ease. This made Mary realize that you never know when someone is at their breaking point and needs you the most. She told her followers on Facebook that, "Today, you WILL encounter someone at the brink. Someone who feels like they are drowning in the day to day. The only question is: Will you be the foot that pushes them further down or the hand that pulls them up for air?"