Steal This “Glee” Star’s Ideas for a Charming Gender-Neutral Nursery

posted: 07/01/15
by: Mara Betsch

"Glee" star Naya Rivera may be a celebrity, but just like you, she wanted to create a cute, but not too over-the-top nursery for her baby, due late this summer. In a recent People blog, she explained how one piece of furniture influence the entire theme.

"I actually was really inspired by the teepee and sort of built the room around that," she says. "Then I stayed within the color palette of black, white, cream, and gray."

With the help of designer Angelo Surmelis (who she collaborated with on design plans in the past), Rivera came up with design elements that were creative but not too "kid-like." She recently shared the adorable finished product with My Domaine. Check out some of the unique elements she used and maybe even steal them for your own nursery.

To start, she chose neutral colors, and with good reason. "Babies can only really see black and white and stark contrast for the first few weeks, and they pick up the shape of objects from that."

In addition to the attention-grabbing teepee, she had several creative elements, including framed animal prints, and sheep mobile and clutter-erasing bins.

Even though Rivera likes the entire feel of the nursery, she does have her favorite element. "I love so many things in the nursery, but my favorite would have to be the bird chandelier," Rivera says of the whimsical piece of art.

And she was sure to add personal touches around the room, including a photo of her and her husband Ryan at their wedding and a framed picture of her baby's ultrasound -- all on the bookshelf. "You can see the baby's face so clearly!" she says. Well done, Naya!