Steal Amy Schumer’s Awesome Beauty Hack for Staying Comfortable at Big Events

posted: 05/04/16
by: Mara Betsch
amy schumer met gala

Amy Schumer is one of our favorite comedians, always finding humor in the little things we do every day. From wearing makeup to watching reality television, she points out the ironic and funny parts of our day-to-day life. And it turns out that her own beauty routine isn't off-limits. While getting ready for the 2016 Met Gala, she shared a quick video of her pre-red carpet routine.

In order to avoid chafing in her gorgeous Alexander Wang dress, she glides a little deodorant between her thighs, jokingly saying "It's called: I don't want to chafe." She also captions her post #nothighgapnoproblem.

A video posted by @amyschumer on

She's definitely on to something! Deodorant (or Body Glide, for that matter) will moisturize and coat skin so that you're chafe-free at the end of the night. Pretty brilliant, right? Have you tried this before -- let us know if it worked for you!