Starbucks’ Latest Drink Craze Makes a Complete Rainbow

posted: 06/30/16
by: Blythe Copeland
rainbow drinks

Starbucks' secret menu had everyone talking -- and drinking -- a few weeks ago when the company's pretty Pink Drink went viral with its blend of coconut milk, fresh strawberries, and acai.

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Then came the Purple Drink, a blend of soy milk and passion fruit iced tea, sweetened with vanilla syrup and turned lavender with the addition of blackberries.

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And then, seemingly all at once, Starbucks devotees started ordering up blue, green, and orange drinks, creating a full rainbow of cool, fruity concoctions to give iced coffee lovers a break from their usual.

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The Orange Drink is a caffeine-free combination of orange mango juice, vanilla flavoring, and coconut milk -- and it sounds like a ridiculously delicious alternative to the espresso you usually order with breakfast.

The Blue Drink is almost the same recipe as the Purple Drink, though it's usually made without blackberries for a more subtle hue.

And the Green Drink is a base of traditional black tea (or green tea) with added matcha and coconut milk for a vibrant, refreshing beverage.

If all of the rainbow flavors are getting overwhelming, you could always resort to the "black drink."