Staging Your Home: Designer Tricks to Help You Sell Faster

posted: 09/08/17
by: Katie Morton
Living room interior

If you're selling your home, you should consider staging your property to earn more money. A well-staged home looks fresh, smells clean, is bright, and has optimal traffic flow--all things which appeal to buyers. Read on for professional tips on how to stage to sell fast!

1. Ditch the Dirt

Our first tip is pure common sense but it bears stating: Your house must be sparkling clean to show well. Either put some major elbow grease into home cleaning or hire a professional cleaning company for a top-to-bottom scrub down.

Pair close attention to your bathrooms, nothing turns buyers off more than bathroom grime and mildew. Every detail should be clean and fresh--this includes towels, bars of soap, even empty wastebaskets.

2. Go Unisex

Real estate pros say that all wall colors, furnishings, and decor should appeal to both genders equally. Colors and rooms that are too frilly or too man cave-eqsue can turn off prospective buyers. When in doubt, neutral color palettes and complimentary furniture show the best.

This doesn't mean you need to paint all your walls stark white or standard issue beige. Rich neutrals such as "greige" (grey beige) and mocha tones are lovely and sophisticated. If you're not sure which paint colors to go with, check out Business Insider's Paint Colors That Sell Homes for More Money.

3. Killer Curb Appeal is Key To Success

What's the first impression any potential buyer has of your house? It's the front door and entryway. Make sure your front door, patio area, entryway, and landscaping beckons buyers to come inside.

Pros recommend power washing your home's exterior. All patio and steps should be pristine and windows should be sparkling clean. Your lawn should be green, lush and inviting, and your hedges and flowerbeds should be trimmed and mulched. Consider repainting a dull front door and installing new house numbers for a fresh designer look for little cost. A brand new welcome mat completes the entrance makeover.

4. Shine Up Your Appliances

It's no secret that prospective buyers love shiny new appliances. Unfortunately, even minor kitchen updates can be costly. One cost-effective tip is to use stainless steel panels to breath new life into dated appliances. You can update a fridge or dishwasher in mere minutes by applying stainless steel stick on panels.

5. Refinish Your Floors

Beautiful, durable hardwood is a major selling point for many buyers. If your hardwood has seen better days, then a simple sanding and stain can make those floors gleam again. You can either do it yourself by renting a sander and applying stain or hire a flooring company to do the work for you. For more on refinishing hard wood floors, check out The Spruce's The Cost to Finish Hardwood Floors.

6. Banish Clutter

In order for your home to show well, it must be free of clutter. By banishing clutter, you can show off your home's best features. Note that decluttering doesn't just apply to those surface areas of your home, but everything behind closed doors. Kitchen cabinets, bedroom closets, and the garage should be free and clear of distracting clutter and disorganized personal effects.

7. Pass the Sniff Test

Make sure that your home doesn't have any lingering odors from cooking, pets, old carpet, or sports equipment (hockey pads can clear a room!). Pros say that you should make sure your home smells clean and fresh. Embrace the vibe of the seasons if you can. For more on which aromas appeal to sellers, check out 5 Scents That Make Sense When Selling Your Home.

8. Symmetry is Pleasing

Anything you can do to make your home visually pleasing to potential buyers is a win. Symmetry is appealing to the eye. When arranging furniture to stage your home, strive for symmetrical arrangements for good traffic flow. Pairs of chairs, pictures, and lamps continue the eye-pleasing arrangement.

Putting the time and effort into staging your home can result in a higher purchase price and a quick sale. Enticing buyers is a cinch when you follow our primp and polish home staging tips. Good luck on your home sale!

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