Stacy London Talks Self Love

Stacy opens up about the self esteem issues that she’s battled her entire life and how her struggles molded her into the compassionate woman she is today.
posted: 10/09/15
by: Rebecca Goldberg

Give A Little TLC: Stacy London

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Stacy London talks bullying.

It's hard to imagine that Stacy London, the strong and spirited style guru that we've grown to love, wasn't always this confident woman. In support of TLC's Give A Little Campaign and Bullying Awareness Month, Stacy opened up about the self esteem issues she's battled since childhood and spoke of the struggles that made her the compassionate woman she is today.

After developing psoriasis as a child, Stacy soon became what she defined as a "sad little kid, ashamed and humiliated." As a result of being teased by her classmates, she developed anger and frustration, and eventually became a bully herself. Though, she recalls that it wasn't too long before she realized that being the bully doesn't make you feel any less insecure.

While many fear the transition to high school, for Stacy, it turned out to be a blessing. She developed a great group of friends who supported her, and proved to be genuine and loyal. At age 16, she experienced another extreme psoriasis breakout and feared how her friend would react. However, this time, she wasn't judged or ostracized. Instead, her friends explained that they didn't care what her skin was like. A teary Stacy said that for the first time, it occurred to her that there was a whole group of people out there who would truly love her for what was on the inside.

In her interview, Stacy said that the confident woman you see is a woman made up on television. But after speaking with her, we don't find this woman to be at all made up. Rather, we see who she is as a product of her remarkable life experiences--one that even the best makeup artists and lighting crew couldn't fabricate. From playing the role of both victim and bully, to receiving warmth and acceptance from her high school friends -- Stacy has been on both sides of the fence and thus has a unique understanding of self-love. As she puts it, "You can't really know what it's like to feel confident, unless you've felt insecure."

These days it seems like a new platform for cyber-bullying pops up every week. Long gone are the days of face-to-face bullying. Now, anonymous bullying via social media has become most prominent. It is because of this, in addition to her past, that Stacy feels so driven to speak out and be the role model that she wishes she had when she was young.

Be lucky enough to see Stacy London talk with kids firsthand and you'll see a woman who is truly where she should be. The bond she forms with them is special. A connection that could only develop with someone who once walked those very same hallways, head down and wishing they were invisible.

Stacy encourages these students to feel proud of themselves and to appreciate the unique qualities of others. She stresses the importance of tolerance and acceptance, and notes that deep down we're all the same.

"When it gets hard, don't let it take a hold of you. You have to find an outlet," she says with sincere empathy.

Understanding eyes and warm, appreciative smiles stare back at her.

Think about what everyone would do if they didn't doubt themselves. -- Stacy London