Spooky Halloween Make-Up Tricks

posted: 10/13/16
by: Katie Morton

All Hallows' Eve is soon upon us. Many of us savor getting decked out in lavish costumes and playing dress up with wild make-up. If you're looking for inspiration, we've got you covered with our top Halloween make-up looks.

Pop Art Comic Book Hero

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This look can go from cute to spooky--or somewhere in between. For step-by-step instructions, check out Claire Din's video tutorial. With some practice, you can be a comic book hero this October 31st. It's up to you whether you want to keep the look sassy or explore the darker side.

Striking Skeleton

Brianna Fox created this luminously spooktastic skeleton look. A pale hue face cream, cool hues and you're on your way to creating this intense look at home. Messy styled hair takes this make-up look from dramatic to art house chic.

Stunning Undead

Edgy vampire eyes and lips will turn heads until dawn beckons. Recreate using a deep onyx pen eyeliner. Simply draw rough, crosshatched patterns around the eye sockets using the eyeliner pen. Be careful not to smudge your work as you go!

Butterfly Eyes

Courtney's Craftin and Cookin' butterfly lashes are a little creepy and a lot gorgeous. Use removable lash glue to affix craft store, gossamer butterfly wings to the side of your lids. If this look seems too elaborate to master at home, skip the fluttery lashes and use press on crystals and autumn-inspired eye color instead.

Dia de los Muertos Sugar Skull

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Colorful sugar skulls can be as breathtaking as a work of fine art. These elaborate designs do take some patience to get right. Elle Magazine walks you through each step of how to create this colorful visage using your own face as a canvas. Remember: The key here is practice makes perfect!

Joker's Girl Harley Quinn

Suicide Squad's candy-colored lunatic villain Harley Quinn is sure to be THE hot costume this year. Deep, rich, liquid matte lip color, powdered red and blue eye shadow, and layers upon layers of false lashes add up to one stunning make-believe serial killer.

Halloween is all about exploring your dark-side alter ego through costume. With a handful of basic make-up supplies and a healthy dose of creativity, your spooky Halloween make-up options are virtually infinite.