Sorry Oldest Siblings. Looks like the Youngest Kid is the Funniest

posted: 03/10/17
by: Amanda Mushro
Can't stop laughing when they are together

While the oldest sibling may still be gloating about the study that says they are the smartest, it's the youngest member of the family that's getting the last laugh. According to a study by YouGov, when it comes to the comedian in the family, it's the youngest sibling that is the funniest. Dinner at your parents' house just go a whole lot more interesting.

Over 1,700 adults participated in the study and were asked to rate their sense of humor in comparison to their siblings. The study says that birth order plays a role in the development of personality of siblings, and because of these different personality traits, the youngest sibling tends to get the most laughs in the family.

The results suggest that the youngest member of the family has a better sense of humor because they are more social and outgoing. Because the oldest sibling tends to take on a leadership role in the family, the younger sibling has the freedom to be more adventurous.

So the next time you are at a family dinner and your older brother or sister tries to tell you how smart they are and give you advice on life, just crack a few jokes and keep the entire family in stiches for a quick distraction.

Of course family dynamics are different for everyone. So tell us in the comments, are you the youngest and the funniest? Are you the oldest and the smartest? Do these studies ring true in your family?