Sometimes Even Oprah Has to Sleep on the Floor: Tips for Making Overnight Guests Feel Comfortable

posted: 11/22/16
by: Amanda Mushro

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Hosting friends and family for the holidays often means you'll have overnight guests. If you've got a full house, someone might end up sleeping on the floor. Sure it's not ideal, but even Oprah can take one for the team during the holidays. Recently she posted this hilarious picture of her sleeping spot on the floor while visiting her longtime love Stedman's family. So if you're hosting overnight guests and want to make them feel right at home during their stay, here's tips to make everyone more comfortable, even if they are sleeping on the floor!

Go Beyond Clean- In our house, our guest room tends to become the place we stash random items like boxes, packages, and odds and ends. So even though the sheets on the bed are clean and the room is freshly dusted, you'll want to take the time to declutter so your guests don't have to maneuver around piles-even neat piles- of your belonging. If you've got a small space, consider stashing those things in your room while your guests take over your guest room.

Stock Up on Essentials- Be the hostess with the mostess by keeping a few guest essentials on hand. From tiny bottles of toiletries, bottles of water, towels, an extra phone charger, to travel sized medicine bottles, your guests will love your thoughtfulness and that they won't have to ask you for these items during their stay.

A Comfy Bed- If you have a lot of guests, everyone might not get a bed. So make any couch, air mattress, or even the floor more comfortable with these tips. Use a sleeping bag to make a pillow top for your guest's bed. You can make an air mattress softer by placing it on carpet rather than hardwood floors, and if your guests are sleeping on the floor, a yoga mat offers a little extra padding.

Check Out The Sleeping Space At Night- If you've never spent a few hours at night in the space your guests will sleep, now is the time. You might find that your guest room gets really hot at night or that the spot you put the air mattress gets way too much sun early in the morning and is really noisy. Your guests might not tell you these things, so do a little recon work before their stay to see if you can adjust anything.

Give them Options- Offer up heavy and light blanket as well as different pillows. Even if that means sharing one from your bed. Your guests will really appreciate your thoughtfulness.