Sisters Diagnosed with Cancer within Weeks of Each Other Have a Positive Message to Share

posted: 05/25/16
by: Mara Betsch
utah sisters cancer
YouTube/Breast Cancer Babe

Cancer is a nightmare for any family, but when not one, not two, but three women in a family are diagnosed within a short timespan, it can be downright devastating.

That's exactly what happened to Sharee, Annette, and Lindsay Page, but you would never guess by their courageous, positive attitudes.

Just this year, Sharee, 34, was diagnosed with Stage II breast cancer, just two weeks after her sister Annette, 35, discovered she had Stage III breast cancer. Though that would be hard enough, just two months prior, their sister-in-law, Lindsay, 38, who had been previously diagnosed with cancer of the inner lining of blood vessels (angiosarcoma) in 2015, found out that she had cancerous tumors in her liver and lungs.

We'd understand if these women were angry, overwhelmed, and wanting to hide from the world. Instead, they're sharing their powerful stories, and Sharee is documenting the entire process (hair loss and all) with a YouTube series called Breast Cancer Babe.

"We all decided early on that we weren't going to let this get us down," says Lindsay, a stay-at-home mom with four children. "I don't know where I'll be a year from now, and that's a scary thought. But you have to have faith, hope and humor. You can sit around and be sad. What possible good can come from that?" she told People.

"We decided, 'Okay, we've all been given lemons - let's make some lemonade," Sharee added. "I've always been kind of a silly person. I love to laugh. Why let cancer get in the way?"

They all try to look at the positive -- they can now shower in record time -- and try not to focus on the negative. They're also helping each other through the process, including going to chemotherapy together, shaving each other's heads, and trying on over-the-top wigs!

Though they recognize that they're dealing with serious and aggressive diseases, they're making it a priority to remain optimistic. And though studies show that a positive attitude doesn't necessarily have any healing effects, experts agree that it can improve quality of life.

Way to go, ladies! You are truly an inspiration to all the men and women fighting cancer at this very moment.