‘Sister Wives’ Maddie Brown and Husband Caleb Brush Are Having A Boy!

posted: 01/11/17
by: Rebecca Goldberg

First came love, then came marriage, and now comes a baby boy for newlyweds Maddie and Caleb!

Maddie & Caleb's Baby Gender Reveal

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Maddie and Caleb share their joy after finding out the gender of their baby!

In November, the happy couple announced they were pregnant and expecting their first child in May. Then, this week, they revealed the that they're having a boy at a gender reveal party at Christine's house with themed treats and decor.

Maddie and Caleb
Raquel Werner
Maddie and Caleb's Gender Reveal Cupcakes
Raquel Werner
Now that they know they've having a boy, Maddie can't wait to begin setting up the nursery. Meanwhile, Caleb is eager to pick out tons of camo for the little fella. (We can recall from the wedding planning just how much Caleb loves his camo.)

Between joyous parents, Kody and Janelle, and the other Sister Wives and many soon-to-be aunts and uncles -- Maddie and Caleb couldn't be more supported. . Not to mention, they'll never be without an available babysitter!
Maddie and Caleb
Raquel Werner
The entire Brown family simply can't wait to meet Maddie and Caleb's baby boy, and there's no doubt he will not only be showered with endless love.
Maddie and Caleb
Raquel Werner
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