‘Sister Wives’ Daughter Mariah Brown Came Out To Her Family

posted: 01/05/17
by: Rebecca Goldberg

Growing up in the spotlight often means highlighting personal moments for the world to see. This has never been more true than it is now, for Mariah Brown, daughter of Meri and Kody Brown. Mariah, 21, revealed her deepest kept secret in the most recent episode of Sister Wives.

In an intimate moment featured in last week's episode, Mariah gathered her parents and the Sister Wives, and promptly announced to them: "I'm gay."


Mariah recalls feeling as though she needed to blurt it out as soon as possible. In an interview with PEOPLE, she said "I remember thinking right before I told them, 'If I don't spit it out now, I'm not going to be able to."

Despite homosexuality not being accepted by the Mormon faith, she was warmly embraced and supported by her parents and the Sister Wives. Janelle told PEOPLE, "We're just happy she's figured out who she is-- it's tremendous when you see a kid do that."

Kody explained that he had put religion aside and sorted out his own thoughts on homosexuality long before Mariah came out. "I thought about this years ago, and I made a decision," he said. "My job as a dad is to love and respect and not to judge."

Mariah, Meri, Kody

In addition to her family, Mariah's friends and fans are also full of respect and support. The response on social media after the news broke was overwhelmingly positive and loving, bringing her the happiest of tears.

@mariahlean tweet
Mariah Brown

Mariah's reveal was truly an exhibition in bravery, and she hopes that her story will help others who are hesitant to reveal their truth.

@mariahlian tweet
Mariah Brown

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