Simple 3-Ingredient Valentine’s Day Desserts for Your Sweethearts

posted: 02/06/17
by: Blythe Copeland
Dark Chocolate Truffles
Pass the Cocoa

Sweet treats are an essential part of Valentine's Day, from the classic conversation hearts traded in elementary school to rich chocolate desserts on upscale prix fixe menus. These three-ingredient cookies, cakes, truffles, and pastries give you all the sweetness -- without the complicated recipes.

1. Dark Chocolate Truffles

Though you'll need only chocolate chips, whipping cream, and cocoa powder for these dark chocolate truffles from Pass the Cocoa, you'll also need a little extra time to make them; the recipe calls for letting the chocolate and cream mixture chill overnight in the refrigerator. The next day, roll the truffles and dust them with cocoa powder (or powdered sugar, coconut, sprinkles, almonds, or any other toppings you have in the pantry) for bite-sized chocolate treats you can serve cold or at room temperature.

2. Japanese Cotton Cheesecake

A cheesecake made from just three ingredients -- like the popular Japanese Cotton Cheesecake from Ochikeron on YouTube may sound too good to be true, which is why the editors at Epicurious put it to the test. They came up with a few ways to make this super-simple dessert even easier (like cooking it at one temperature instead of three), while still using only eggs, white chocolate, and cream cheese. Add a few fresh berries or some powdered sugar and it will look like you spent all afternoon in the kitchen.

3 ingredient flourless chocolate cake
Kirbie Cravings

3. Flourless Chocolate Cake

Cooking for a chocolate-lover? The ingredients for this flourless chocolate cake from Kirbie Cravings don't require a special trip to the store -- eggs, butter, chocolate chips -- and the result is a rich, fluffy chocolate cake: A classic Valentine's Day dessert whether you're hosting an at-home date night for your partner or a girls only Champagne-and-chocolate get-together.

maple glazed pie

4. Maple Pear Galette

If you're serving a heavier Valentine's Day meal -- like pasta with cream sauce or filet mignon and potatoes -- finish by serving a fruit-based dessert like this maple pear galette from Buzzfeed. Toss sliced pears with maple syrup and arrange them in a pre-made pie crust; then fold the edges in for a no-fuss treat that bakes in less than an hour.

Heart shaped shortbread cookies sprinkled with sugar

5. Buttery Shortbread Cookies

Flaky, buttery shortbread cookies are a staple on most Christmas dessert trays, but they're easy to tweak for Valentine's Day: Just trade red and green sprinkles for red, white, and pink, and use heart-shaped cookie cutters instead of snowflakes. This recipe from Chew Out Loud calls for butter, brown sugar, and flour and makes nearly four dozen cookies, so you'll have plenty to package up for coworkers and school parties, too.