Sidewalk Chalk Games That Will Get Your Kids Moving

posted: 06/26/17
by: Amanda Mushro
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If your kids could spend hours doodling away, replace their crayons with chalk and send them outside to get creative. In the summer, my sidewalks are covered with my kids latest chalk creations, but instead of just drawing a few chalk flowers or chalk monsters, why not turn chalk-time into game-time. From old time favorites to showcasing their creativity, here's a few chalk games to get your kids outside and moving this summer.

Pretend Play

With some sidewalk chalk and a little creativity, your kids can be just about anything. From a superhero that is flying over tall buildings to a swimmer that is diving into the water before the big race, let your kids create an imaginary world that they can play in and on. To capture these moments, have the kids pose while you stand above them and snap a fun picture.

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An oldie but a goodie, hopscotch is a great game to reintroduce to your kids. It will get them working up a sweat after a few rounds and you can even update the game using letters, words, or replace the stone with water balloons.

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Start by drawing a large square and inside each corner, choose a color, letter, number, or shape. Finish by drawing a circle in the center where the "counter" will stand. Have the counter close their eyes while they count to 10. All of the other players run around and must choose a corner before the counter says "10." The counter calls out the name of one of the corners and anyone in that corner is out. The last person left is the winner and gets to be the counter during the next round.

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Obstacle Course

For this crazy course, you just need a little chalk and a few players. Start by creating color coded tasks like "10 Jumping Jacks" or "Hop on One Foot" to get kids to move through each stage of the obstacle course. Your kids will be moving, grooving and giggling while they play this fun game.

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Make a bullseyes with a few chalk circles and add numbers to each circle. Your kids can toss a small stone to see who gets the highest number each round, but if it gets hot out, change up the game with a water balloon or a wet sponge. When the water comes out, the real fun starts!

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These are all great ideas to play right on your driveway. If you want to learn how to make some super fun pool games for the kids click here!