Show Your Support for Breast Cancer Prevention with #NoBraDay

posted: 10/13/15
by: Rebecca Goldberg
Pink Bra

By now, you've likely seen #NoBraDay trending across your social feeds. Perhaps you've even seen some ladies letting their girls fly free!

What you may not know is the significance behind this holiday.

In accordance with Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the No Bra Day Campaign encourages women to ditch their bras for the day to promote research for breast cancer prevention, treatment, and the search for a cure. Going without a bra is a particularly sensitive issue for women who have undergone breast cancer surgery because undergarments are needed to hold up their prostheses. Thus, being braless is not an option.

Breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in women, and one in eight women will be diagnosed with it in their lifetimes.

Our TLC family was personally touched by this disease when Lori Allen learned that she had breast cancer.

"Naturally I was devastated when I found out that I had breast cancer," she said. "Wanting to turn something very negative into something positive, I decided to share my journey with my TLC family and others in hope that I can raise breast cancer awareness and perhaps help other women facing breast cancer be less afraid. Breast cancer is a personal journey, and throughout this process, some days were easier than others, but I survived with faith, family and friends."

Will you be showing support and spreading awareness by "freeing the tatas?" Either way, the fight to cure breast cancer goes on.

Lori's Fight:Battling Breast Cancer

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We follow up with Lori Allen and how she's been doing since beginning her battle with breast cancer.