Should Your Children Share a Bedroom? Experts Say There Are Big Benefits

posted: 06/16/16
by: Amanda Mushro
Girls in bed under the covers

Even if you have enough bedrooms in your home for each child to have their own room, you might want to bunk them together anyway. According to the Chicago Tribune, in nearly two-thirds of homes with two children under the age of 18, the kids are sharing a room. And we already know your arguments. My kids will find like crazy! They'll never fall asleep! Yes, some of these things may happen, but experts say that the benefits outweigh any negative effects. Here are just a few upsides to having your kids share a room.

  • If you have an anxious child, they will feel calmed and more confident with a sibling in the room with them.
  • Late night chats siblings have will have help encourage lifelong bonding and a deeper connection.
  • Any sibling arguments have to be solved, teaching your children conflict resolution and negotiation tactics

So if you're thinking of moving your kids into one room, here's a few tips to make the transition easier.

  1. If your kids are older, be sure to set ground rules for ownership and respect. Since so many of their belongings in the bedroom will be shared, allow kids to feel ownership of their own bed by choosing their own bed linens and having a say when someone else can sit on their bed. Give each child a designated floor or closet space for their special treasures and favorite possessions.
  2. You should also set rules for when to fall asleep--so those late night conversations don't last too long-- and rules for what happens when they wake up--so they don't wake their sibling in the process.
  3. Create privacy in a small space by positioning the beds in different directions or add a small curtains or room dividers. With bunk beds, extra privacy is already build in.
  4. Make it a house rule that all kids go to bed at the same time. This might seem difficult, but it will really help everyone get a better night sleep. Even if the older kids don't fall asleep at the same time as the younger kids, give them a small book light in bed so they can quietly play while the younger child sleeps.
  5. Choose furniture that is multifunctional. Since space will be limited, think about beds with built in storage. Move out any unneeded furniture or toys from the shared room to allow for more space.