Should Teachers Be Able to Wear Capri Pants and Flip Flops?

posted: 08/15/17
by: Amanda Mushro
Teacher asking her students a question at the elementary school

School dress codes tend to make headlines when students challenge the rules and question the validity of the school's policy. However, the dress code requirements for teachers in one school district has a lot of people angry. Clothes that most would assume are appropriate for teachers are being deemed a no-no from school officials. Teachers in the Douglas County School District in Georgia have been informed by their superintendent they should not wear capri pants, sneakers, flip flops, shorts, and jeans to work, and the teachers are not happy.

Considering the high temperatures in Georgia when students return to school, teachers want to be able to wear capri pants back in the classroom to not only feel stylish but to stay cool. "Please emphasize the expectation that attire be professional and appropriate,'' the email from Superintendent Trent North says. "Some items of clothing that are not appropriate for work include jeans (except on Fridays), flip-flops, sneakers, leggings (except when worn with an appropriate length dress), shorts and Capris."

Parents and teachers are calling this new policy "ridiculous" and it is causing quite the stir on the internet. When word of the controversy over teacher's clothing spread, WXIA-TV reached out to the superintendent, who told the news channel that his email was merely stating expectations, not a ban. But he also said that if you "wouldn't wear it to an interview, you shouldn't wear it in the classroom."

While teachers should set an example of appropriate dress attire for their students, they also need to be comfortable for their long days of working with kids and meeting all of the requirements of their job. So we want to hear from you. What do you think of a ban on clothes like capri pants, leggings, or sneakers?