Should Kindergarten Students Have Half or Full Days?

posted: 08/07/17
by: Kristine Boyd
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Most parents are excited to send their kids off to kindergarten for the first time. One mom, however, is a little uneasy. Katharine Stahl lives in a very good school district that she is proud to send her daughter to. However, a few years ago, the school district decided to make the Kindergarten students only go to school for half a day. The full school day is 2.5 hours and this mom thinks that it is simply not enough learning time.

"I have heard many moms rally for half-day kindergarten and even opt out of full-day programs in their districts, but I am confident that my daughter's hungry mind needs more than a couple of hours of instruction to be satisfied," she wrote on PopSugar.

While it is only one year, Katharine still thinks it's very important for her daughter to make the most of every learning opportunity. Other moms have suggested moving to a different school district, but she can't justify moving from a neighborhood and house she loves. She started second guessing why she was really in a tizzy about the 2.5-hour school day. Was it because she was afraid of her daughter being at home bored all the time? Did she not want to have to entertain her on her own?

After her daughter went on a rant about her excitement for kindergarten Katharine said, "suddenly I realized that my desire for full-day kindergarten isn't about trying to get rid of my daughter; it's about advocating for her." Her daughter's passion for learning solidified her fight to find a full school day. Every child is different. Whether you send your child to a half or full day, it is important to do what you think is best for them.

Via: Pop Sugar