Short Hair, Don’t Care? Do This to Find Out How You’d Look with Short Hair

posted: 06/10/15
by: Mara Betsch

I've always loved the ease of short hair and I couldn't be more pleased that Hollywood's A-listers are giving up on extensions and going short. But since I don't have Anne Hathaway's or Charlize Theron's stellar DNA, I always hesitate before taking the pixie cut plunge. These sleek hairdos are so beautiful and so striking, but would be beautiful and striking on me?

Thankfully beauty blog Byrdie has a very scientific way of determining how you'd look with short hair. Here's senior stylist at John Frieda Salons UK and international training director of Color Wow Giles Robinson's formula: Put a pencil, pen, or straight object under your chin horizontally, then place a ruler under your ear, vertically. Now, determine the height of the intersection of the pencil and the ruler. Less than 2.25 inches? You're ready for a haircut! Longer than 2.25 inches? You may want to consider longer layers.

Obviously, I'm sure there are some exceptions to this formula, but for those of you (like me) who aren't quite sure, this is the perfect starting point. And if you come in at 2.35 inches and want to cut your hair anyway, we still say go for it. The best accessory is always a healthy dose of confidence.