Shoes Hacks for Happy Feet

posted: 08/22/16
by: Amanda Mushro
comfy shoes

The weather hasn't cooled down yet, but fall styles are appearing everywhere. If you're eyeing up a few new pairs of boots, heels, and flats, you'll want to check out these shoe hacks to make sure all of your new shoes are good to your feet and stay looking brand new.

  • Applying deodorant on your feet helps cut down on sweaty feet and painful blisters forming.
  • If your shoes are too tight, put on a thick pair of socks while you wear your shoes and use your blow dryer on the outside of the shoes where they are tight. Try applying the heat for a minute or two at a time until the shoes feel comfortable.
  • High heels look great but can cause you a lot of foot pain. Next time you wear heels, tape your third and fourth toes together on each foot. This shoe hack alters your balance slightly and takes the pressure of the balls of your feet and makes high heels more comfortable.
  • When packing your shoes in your suitcase, wrap them in a shower cap or plastic bag to keep from spreading all over your luggage.
  • Use pieces of a pool noodle to keep your tall boots shape. Just cut to size and slide the noodle inside.
  • Use a nail file to buff away stains on suede shoes.
  • If you find yourself slipping and sliding in a pair of new shoes, use a little sandpaper to scratch up the bottom of your shoes for a little extra traction.
  • A little petroleum jelly works wonders to shine up your patent leather shoes and nail polish remover helps to remove scuff marks.
  • Just in time for fall, use vinegar and a toothbrush to get water stains off of leather shoes.
  • Love your tennis shoes but they're looking a little too loved? Nail polish remover helps to remove stains and brighten white rubber.