Serena Williams Cried When She Missed Her Baby’s First Steps and Other Moms are Showing Her Support

posted: 07/12/18
by: Amanda Mushro


When you are a working mom, you can't be around for every minute of your baby's day. While you hope your little one will save all of their cuteness, giggles, and major milestones for Mom--sometimes that doesn't happen. Tennis superstar and mom Serena Williams knows this all too well. Because while she was training, her baby Alexis Ohanian took her first steps. As any mom can tell you, missing out on when it comes to your baby--it's absolutely heartbreaking.

"She took her first steps... I was training and missed it," the 7-time Wimbledon champion wrote on Twitter. She added that she "cried" after learning the news of those first few steps

However, her fans quickly came to her aid to share similar stories about missing milestone, school plays, and forgetting to pick up their kids from school. Other moms added that while we feel mom guilt for missing out on these events, our babies don't know or care that we missed out. So we should get rid of that mom guilt and cut ourselves a break!

Her fans also added that her little girl will learn so much from seeing her mom work hard and hustle to achieve her goals. So instead of Serena feeling bad--she should keep working it on the court for her little lady.

Fellow celebrity mom Christy Teigen even tweeted to Serena that her daughter was just practicing so her Mamma could see the real ones.

A few moms even chimed in to the Twitter thread and said that an official mom rule is that if Mamma doesn't see it--it never happened. We like that rule and will keep that in mind for those days we are feeling the dreaded mom guilt.

If you are a working mom, stay-at-home-mom, or a combination of both, we love seeing moms support and lift up another mom in her time of need.