Sending Your Scholar Off to College in Style

posted: 08/18/16
by: Katie Morton

Summer is nearly over, and soon you'll be packing the car to drop your child off at college! We know that there are hundreds of must-have college prep lists out there. If your head is spinning, fear not--we're here to make it easier. We've curated a list of our top trendy options in dorm decor, fall fashion and electronics. Read on for how to send your college scholar off in style.

1. Dress the Part

Let's be real about college fashion: your college student is going to live in well-worn jeans and broken-in t-shirts. 8:00am lectures don't require them to be a walking fashion plate. But, there will be occasions when your student will want to look a bit more polished.

H&M's adorable, affordable sheath dress is perfect for Parents' Weekend, meeting with professors, or dress-up, date parties. This easy dress pairs equally well with tights and heeled wedges or knee-high leather boots.

2. Go Team!

If your college student is lucky enough to go to a school that celebrates football weekends, then the right clothes can get them in the pre-game mood. Actor Reese Witherspoon's clothing line, Draper James, has an entire line of color-coordinated mittens, scarves, totes, and sweaters. No matter which color combo you pick, these tailgating fashions shout "SCHOOL SPIRIT."

3. Dorm Room Chic

Your college student may not have tons of extra pocket money to outfit their dorm. So, how do you make sure their room is chic and on-trend, without sinking all of their extra late-night pizza dough (pun intended) into dorm decor?

Society 19's list of 20 Chic Decor Items to Instantly Spice up Your Dorm Room has got you covered. Flameless candles, wall decals, and fairy lights--with these decorating tips, your student's dorm room will be THE place to hang.

4. Bare Necessities for Surviving Dorm Life

There are some things that are a MUST for your student's dorm room. Here's the short list of what you're going to want to pick up before you hit Campus Drive:

  • Window box fan (many dorm don't have central A/C)
  • Shower caddy (two words: Communal bathroom)
  • Non-slip shower shoes (three words: Communal bathroom floor)
  • A real alarm clock (Has your student ever misplaced their phone? Thought so!)
  • A mini fridge (snacks, drinks, leftover pizza)
  • Towels and a robe (for the shower walk)
  • Bed linens (extra long sheets, comforter, pillows)
  • Power strips (computers, phone chargers)
  • Electronics (laptop, phone, cases, chargers)
  • Noise-cancelling headphones (useful for studying while their roomie is binge watching Game of Thrones).

A final word on the headphones: If they can help superhuman Michael Phelps in the pool, they can help your student ace their Chemistry final.

5. Laptop

Your college student will need a computer of their own. Everything is done on a computer these days. Most likely, they'll also want to be mobile. A true laptop is generally recommended over a smaller tablet because of memory, speed, and storage.

Shop around in August to find the best back-to-campus sales. If you're not sure where to start, Consumer Reports' Best Laptops for Students shares their top-rated 2016 values.

We know that our trendy fashion, dorm decor, and campus must-have tips won't make that final drop-off hug any easier. However, you can take small solace in the fact that your student scholar will be well outfitted, on trend, and ready to take university life by storm. The only thing left to do is to remind them to call you or send an occasional email with that shiny new laptop!