See What How Your Newborn’s Vision Develops Over 12 Months This Cool GIF

posted: 01/25/17
by: Blythe Copeland

While your what your baby is thinking may still be a mystery (he's been fed, changed, and just woke up -- why is he crying?!), you can at least have a better idea of what he's seeing with this fascinating GIF from a UK eye surgeon.

Dr. Romesh Angunawela created the image, which shows a blurry world coming into focus little by little over a baby's first 12 months. By one month, the black and white haze has sharpened enough to include a glimpse of mom's face over the crib, though the first true colors don't show up until two months, and slowly the rest of the room appears as colors deepen, more details are visible, and depth perception improves (hi, dad!).

"Their range of vision extends as they grow," Angunawela told The Daily Mail. "Vision continues to develop steadily and by two years old a child's vision is nearly fully developed. This coincides with increased interest and exploration of the world around them."

Now if only doctors could give new parents a little extra help figuring out what's going on in the rest of a baby's brain!

Via Good Housekeeping