See the Wildly Luxurious Dorm Room People Can’t Stop Talking About

posted: 08/19/16
by: Blythe Copeland

For most of us, coordinating dorm room decor with a freshman year roommate stops just after deciding who'll bring the mini-fridge and who's in charge of the tv. But for Ole Miss roomies Lindy Goodson and Abby Bozeman, the pre-planning went much further: They worked together to personalize the entire space -- from an antique dresser-turned-microwave stand and twin lamps to bespoke bedding and custom ottomans.

The two women didn't meet in person before showing up for move-in day, but they did choose each other as roommates after a mutual friend introduced them on social media last year. They kept each other in the loop on fabrics, decor, and even the color palette -- a cool blend of blue, aqua, white, and gold. The low-key shades were intentional: Goodson told ABC News "We knew school and living in a dorm was going to get stressful so we chose the blues and neutral to keep our room calm-feeling and we love it!"

Goodson also pointed out that their room isn't the only one to get a first day of school makeover: "Nearly all rooms at our school are decorated beautifully and are very unique, so we are surprised and flattered that our room has gotten so much attention," she said. Slate rounded up photos of some other luxurious Ole Miss spaces -- all with matching bedspreads, pretty curtains, and massive monograms -- that might just put even your starter home to shame.

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