See the Beautiful Way This Man Honored His Late Wife

posted: 08/20/15
by: Mara Betsch
Jill Schoen

Don Jaquish didn't have to think very hard to come up with an idea to honor is late wife, Babbette Jaquish, who past away last November. She loved sunflowers, and she'd become known as the "sunflower lady" in their local Eau Clair, Wisconsin, community.

Babbette had been diagnosed with cancer in 2006, and to make her feel better, she and Don planted hundreds of acres of sunflowers around their property. She thought it would be a great idea to raise sunflowers, sell the seeds and help fund cancer research. Unfortunately, even though she had 22 different cancer treatments, she got too sick to start the business herself.

After she passed away, Don and his stepdaughter Jenny White began Babbette's Seeds of Hope to make her dream come true. This spring, over the course of about a week, Don planted more than 4.5 miles of sunflowers on either side of Highway 85, both on his land and land he rented from neighbors. Now, the flowers are in-bloom and visitors are coming to visit and pay tribute to Babbette.

Don plans to plant sunflowers every year, sell 25-pound sunflower seed bags, and donate a portion of the proceeds to hospitals, cancer research, and patient advocacy.

"She was as beautiful on the inside as she was on the outside," Jaquish, 65, told ABC News. We think his tribute to her is pretty beautiful, too.