See How Much Childbirth Costs By State

posted: 02/06/18
by: TLCme

Having a baby is perhaps the most beautiful and life-changing experience a woman could have in her lifetime. There is no amount of monetary value you could assign to the joys of childbirth -- but there is one you could put on healthcare, which is what is needed in order to have a child.

According to MONEY on Time, Fair Health, an independant non-profit organization pulled numbers on the hospital bills that come with having a baby. The data presented is is an estimate of the amount that insurers agree to pay doctors and hospitals, known as negotiated or allowed rate. The numbers are from 2016 and 2017.

via FAIR Health

The highest prices are in Alaska, but keep in mind that because if it's island location, goods usually cost more there.

via FAIR Health

A c-section, which requires surgery and more recovery time is more expensive than vaginal birth costs. Now these are costs for those with insurance, those without health insurance are usually charged a higher price than the negotiated rate that healthcare providers have with hospitals and doctors.