Sean and Dottie’s Weight-Loss Journeys

posted: 06/25/18
by: TLCme

On the latest My 600-lb Life: Where Are They Now Sean and Dottie struggled to overcome their personal demons and stay on track to reach their weight-loss goals.

Tragedy hit Sean a year after starting his weight loss journey. Unable to deal with his depression, Sean turned to his greatest sort of comfort - food. On top of that, Sean's lack of proper personal hygiene became a serious risk to his health. Can Sean use the tools he has learned to get back on track to a healthy weight?

After suffering the devastating loss of her son, Daniel, Dottie re-committed to reaching her weight-loss goals. But as she started to lose, the pain of her excess skin combined with having to care for her sickly 4-year-old son threatened to undue her success. Was she able to stop from turning to food for comfort and get approved for the skin removal surgery she's been working towards? C
lick here to see their weight-loss journeys.

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