Scrunchies Are Back and We Are Here For It

posted: 03/05/18
by: Amanda Mushro

It seems if you hang on to something long enough, it's bound to come back in style: crushed velvet dresses, choker necklaces, and even crop tops. While many of those items may have made an exit from your closet years ago, there is a good chance you still have a few of the most popular 90s hair accessories hidden in your home--the scrunchie.

The once beloved scrunchie is making a comeback in a big way. Just check out celeb Instagram's and you'll see the scrunchie making appearances on the red carpet, headed to the gym, or just as an accessory on a fabulous mane of hair.

Sure you may be using scrunchies to hold back your hair while you wash your face, but scrunchies are becoming the center of attention and the latest 90s fashion statement you'll want to try. If you have ever worn a hair elastic around your wrist and quickly regretted that decision, you'll be happy to make the switch to a scrunchie. Believe us, it's a lot less painful. Plus scrunchies are a lot less damaging to your hair than elastics by causing a lot less breakage and frizzing.

Not sure how to style scrunchie? Here's some hair inspiration for your scrunchie style.

Wrap a scrunchie around a bun and never worry you are breaking or damaging your hair.

How to rule the #scrunchie ??? @x_carms

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Join in on the high ponytail craze.

The classic half up and half down.

Secure a scrunchie to end of a fabulous braid.

Make a low ponytail look stylish in seconds with a scrunchie.

Grab and go scrunchie style! #Repost @breylanwebb

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Go super fan 90s and try the Gwen Stefani inspired pigtail buns.