#ScrewTheScale Photos Prove If You’re Trying to Lose Weight The Scale Might Not Be The Best Measurement of Progress

posted: 04/25/18
by: TLCme

So look, I was never one for taking transformation pics -- when I saw them I would think to myself "who would ever do that?" Like most things on social media if you dig a bit deeper you realize there's a bigger message being communicated (well most of the time, sometimes it is just a picture of a beautiful smoothie bowl and nothing more, and that's lovely.) I began to realize that transformation photos are messages of empowerment that you can and do have the power to change if you don't feel comfortable in your own body. One of the methods we're taught to measure success in our journey is by the number on the scale, but that might not always be the best way. In fact many people might can weight as their body transforms because they are adding muscle. So as painful and as much as you may not want to, before and after pics might be helpful, even if you use them just for you as motivation to keep going!

So I've been working on my nutrition for the last 13 weeks, courtesy of @thipp59 and @keynutritionutah ... no alterations to my workout routine, just really dialing in what I'm eating (for the first time in my life), and here's how it shakes out so far: - down 4.2 lbs - gained 4.83 lbs of lean muscle - down 6% body fat And that's EXACTLY why we shouldn't care what the scale says. If weighing myself was the sole measure of my progress over the last 13 weeks, I would be SO discouraged! But the pictures tell a different story. My body has changed ... my weight has not. So many lessons here. 1) Take pictures. 2) do NOT rely on weight gain/loss alone. 3) you can't out train a crappy diet. 4) metabolism really does slow down with age, but you can combat this! 5) there's always room for improvement. 6) no easy fixes ... do the work! *Next time I take progress pics - gonna flex ?? * #progresspics #fitness #screwthescale #fitchick #fitspiration #coachlife #cantouttrainacrappydiet #keynutrition #NOTadiet #lifestyle #dothework #nutrition #fitnessmotivation

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SCREW THE SCALES ???????? proof that just because you weigh more doesn't mean you've got fatter (and also that I need a tan) September ? Now I realise the pose isn't exactly the same ???? I've been training more and I haven't been eating any more than usual so where is this weight coming from? MUSCLE! ???? Muscle weighs more than fat! So don't be discouraged by the number on the scales ?? There are plenty of other ways to track progress ?? I generally don't weigh myself I opt for tracking my progress through photos and how I feel in myself instead ???? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ------------------------------------------------------------ #transformationtuesday #screwthescales #gainingweightiscool #muscle #musclegain #abs #girlswithabs #weightgain #fitfam #fitfamuk #instafit #fitstagram #gymshark #gymsharkwomen #seamless #flex #myproteinwomen #myprotein #myproteinuk

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Let's talk about WEIGHT. Why is weight important to us? If you stand in the store at the grocery store you'll likely see many cover stories about "how to lose 10 lbs in 10 days!" & "Lose 5 lbs FAST!" It's shoved down our throats starting at a very young age. Now I understand goal weights and motivation to see the numbers on the scale drop. But we should never focus on our weight MORE than we focus on achieving a healthy body composition. We are giving the scale too much power over us. By focusing on weight I am seeing many girls become disordered. They can be thin as a rail and complaining that they need to lose "weight". Or they can starve themselves thin and then regain weight QUICKLY. You can destroy your metabolism by doing that. As soon as you stop eating like a bird and exercising excessively you are left with a "skinny-fat" version of yourself that is void of any muscle. Remember muscle burns calories even while you're sleeping. That's why it's SO easy to gain back. How many times has this happened to you!? It happened to me. If you saw these two pics without the weights there you might guess this girl has lost weight between the two pics. But no, she put in some hard work to shape her body and cut body fat percentage and gained muscle and weight. Muscle is more dense, therefor taking up less inches pound for pound when compared to fat. Stop letting the scale dictate your success. Focus on creating an efficient MACHINE. That's how your body ends up with that beautiful shape that we refer to as "fit". Bravo to @healthyyy_living!!! She is a shining example that your "goal weight" is probably bullshit.

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Getting heavier and stronger by the week ?? I never thought I would be this accepting of myself. I honestly thought 'self love' was a mythical concept people dreamt up that wasn't actually real. Especially for someone like me ?. What I mean by that, is someone who used to live on veggie soup during my school years to keep the scale below 50kg. Who used to run on the spot in my bedroom till I got knee splints and would pass out from exhaustion to 'work off' the bite of muffin I may of had. Who smoked ice for 5 years determined to avoid food at all costs and who later injected heroin for relief from my crazy abusive thoughts that just criticised me from the moment I opened my eyes, till I laid down each night. Weight gain has been excruciating at times, don't get me wrong. This hasn't been 'easy'. But I have a long term goal, and I'm doing whatever it takes to get there. Blood, sweat and tears. Right now though, in this day. I have self love and self compassion and it really is a beautiful thing ?? One day at a time ??

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