School Tells Young Girl She Packs “Too Much Food” for Lunch

posted: 08/08/17
by: Kristine Boyd

One mom, under the name of "LemonDrizzleDisco" on Mumsnet, shared a story about her daughter's high school who recently started to monitor student's lunches. The idea was to ensure kids were eating properly and getting the nutrition they needed. This procedure struck controversy with many parents because they believed that the students were old enough to choose what they wanted to eat. After various incidences, parents are sure that the school is taking this too far.

This mom was shocked when her daughter came home and told her that the school said she packed "too much food" for lunch. Her meal consisted of, "a peanut butter and jelly sandwich on wheat bread, a small banana, strawberries, a few grapes, and less than a handful of dried coconut flakes and raisins." Considering the diet of most high school students, this seems to be an extremely healthy lunch. This young girl is also a vegan, which means that she has to intake more food to get the proper nutrition that she needs.

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On a separate occasion her daughter, "got told off for having a few pieces of sliced up avocado because it's 'unhealthy.'" This left her confused and frustrated because avocado is an extremely healthy ingredient to add to any meal. Healthy fats are important and beneficial when it comes to brain function. She was confused as how the school could be telling her this was unhealthy when the cafeteria serves sausages, cakes, sandwiches and doughnuts.

It is extremely inappropriate to tell a young girl that she is eating too much food, especially in today's society. The students should be encouraged to make health conscious choices and nurture their bodies with good food. This mom is planning on sending the school a note about their unacceptable treatment of her daughter. "My daughter is nowhere near overweight, and even if she was, surely it's not up to the form tutor to be telling her she has too much lunch in front of the class," she wrote.

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