School Adopts Puppy to Help Kids Cope With Stress

posted: 06/28/17
by: Kristine Boyd
Tavistock College

When you are stressed out before a test you might drink some water, take a few deep breaths or go for a walk. This one school is taking stress management to a whole new level. Tavistock College in Plymouth adopted a nine-week-old Irish Setter named Shola for the students to pet before exams. She is there on campus to help kids who are anxious or overwhelmed from school. Not to mention she is extremely adorable.

Many studies have shown that the presence of a dog can greatly relieve feelings of stress and anxiety. Having a dog around is one of the most effective ways to immediately feel comforted and at ease, especially in stressful school situations. Tavistock College believes this to be true and has seen the results of what a dog can do first hand.

Tavistock College
Tavistock College

Shola is there to provide happiness and stress relief full time, but especially during exam weeks. Shola will sit next to the kids in class who are particularly worried about their studies and can't focus. Teacher Sarah Jones told the Plymouth Herald, "Before one exam we had a student so stressed she felt she couldn't take the exam, but meeting Shola brought a smile to her face and she was then able to go in to sit her exam."

She has quickly become and student and faculty favorite and a delight in everyone's day. "From the very first she has loved her work - she will trot jauntily down the corridor, tail wagging, looking out for children, and staff, to make a fuss of her," says Sarah Jones. This adorable pup is an inspiration for other schools to do the same!