School Accused of “Lunch Shaming” Students Who Are Behind on Payments

posted: 01/08/16
by: TLCme

If you have any memory of how awkward a lunch room can be on its own -- where to sit and with whom to sit was a major, identity-shaping decision -- imagine having to contend with what's being called "lunch shaming." A high school in Indiana is being accused of shaming students into getting their accounts out of debt by giving them an "alternative lunch" reserved for people whose accounts are out of balance by more than $25. The alternative lunch? Two slices of bread with one slice of American cheese.

If you owe $25 or more on your lunch account, this is what Kokomo High School provides you for lunch. Two slices of...

Posted by Sierra Feitl on Tuesday, January 5, 2016


Kokomo High School sophomore Sierra Fietl posted a photo of said "alternative lunch" that was served to a fellow student whose unpaid bill is currently more than $25.

As she points out, many children get their only meal at school, and this could be calling more unwanted attention to their situation. For its part, according to the Today show, the school has suspended this "alternative lunch" practice until February, giving parents time to get their accounts in order.