Say Yes to the Holiday Work Party Because it Can Be Good for Your Career

posted: 12/08/17
by: Amanda Mushro
Group of friends having fun for new year's eve in a club. Drinking and dancing together


If you have been thinking about skipping your holiday work party this year, you should change your RSVP to yes because attending the party could help your career.

While we usually think of holiday work parties as a place to get a little too festive and someone ending up with a lampshade on their head, according to a survey on the website LinkedIn, almost half of all professionals - around 47%--have seen a positive impact on their career from attending the holiday work party.

Since the holiday party lets everyone socialize and network without the fear of deadlines or the boss caching you not doing your job, the holiday party is the perfect time to get social and chat up your colleagues.

According to the survey on LinkedIn, attending the party sends the message that you value your colleges and your work. So while you may have just wanted an excuse to buy a fancy party dress, attending the party could help you land that promotion you've been hoping for in the New Year. Since 28% of professionals surveyed have learned about a new opportunity at work while attending a holiday party--getting social is to your benefit. Furthermore, 26% surveyed say that at holiday work functions they have gotten quality face time with executives they wouldn't normally get to speak with. So the holiday party is the perfect networking event--with good food and booze.

While no one wants to become the talk of the office because of bad behavior at the party, remember that the holiday work party isn't Vegas because what happens there can become the topic of conversation at the next staff meeting. However, if you did get a little too festive at your holiday party, you aren't alone because according to the survey "more than two-thirds of U.S. professionals admit to having committed a holiday office party faux pas like arriving late, not following dress code and only socializing with people they already know."

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