Ryan Reynolds Apparently is Committing a Parenting Faux Pas in This Photo

posted: 06/24/15
by: Courtney Reimer

Apparently there's a right and wrong way to do this parenting thing, and Ryan Reynolds is finding himself on the "wrong" side of the internet's fury because of a photo his wife (Blake Lively) posted to Instagram. Can you guess why people might be up in arms?

Here's the offending photo:

So, if you've had the pleasure of toting your tot around in a baby carrier, you probably know there are as many ways to use them as there are opinions on how use them. For this one, the new father of 6-month-old James has his little girl's feet sticking straight down out of the bottom of the carrier when the recommended way is to have each leg wrapping around the waist of the wearer. Some also complain that the head shouldn't be completely obscured, but hard to tell if that's actually the case from this angle.

Yahoo Parenting spoke to an expert on the matter who explained the risks of carrying a baby thusly. "Having the legs together is essentially like having baby on a cradle board, which can lead to hip dysplasia," Babywearing Institute president Beate Frome told the site. "In a straight-leg position like this, the hip is essentially pushed out of the socket."

I'm no parenting expert, but as a parent who's done more than my fair share of things outside of what's recommended and/or proper, I'd imagine that this daddy isn't carrying the kid like this all day every day, which seems like would need to be the case for any real damage to happen.

And hey, who can't appreciate a dad who takes the baby off of the mom's hands for a little while?