Running Out of Elf on the Shelf Ideas? We Have You Covered.

posted: 12/13/17
by: Amanda Mushro

It's that time of year again. The time when exhausted moms and dads wake up in the middle of the night in sheer panic because they realize--they forgot to move the Elf on the Shelf.

While kids cheer when the Elf makes an appearance each holiday season, often parents are groaning because while we love to see our kids' excitement over the Elf--do we really need one more thing to do each night?

Love him or hate him, the Elf is back and you don't need elaborate tricks or setups each night for your Elf--you need quick and easy. So here's a few tips to make each night the Elf is hanging out at your home easier on you:

  • Set a reminder alarm on your phone. Every night at 9 o'clock my alarm reminds me to get off the couch and move the elf, and believe me, that alarm has saved me many nights.
  • Don't go overboard. You'll find tons of ideas that have the Elf trashing your house or taking up too much of your precious time each night. To keep your sanity, just keep it simple and fun.
  • No need to reinvent the wheel! Since so many parents are on the same mission as you--make Christmas extra special--use their ideas that are posted online to plan your moves each night. Need some inspiration? Here's a few of my favorites.
Funny faces- Using a dry erase marker, draw a few mustaches and silly messages on your framed pictures. Your kids will get a giggle, and with a little glass cleaner, the dry eraser is gone the next day.

Gone Fishing
- Turn a straw and some string into an elf-sized fishing pole so he can snag a few fish shaped crackers

PipPop fancied a spot of fishing tonight!! #elfontheshelf

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Reading Time
- This one is perfect if the Elf is bringing your kids a new book to read or can be done with a book they already love.

Day 6 of #elfontheshelf

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Playing in Snow
- You may have seen the elves making snow angles in flour, but who wants to clean that mess up? This creative elf keeps all of the "snow" on a plate for quick cleanup.

Little Dash has been up to lots over the last few days ??????? #elfontheshelf #primaryschool #christmas #christmasiscoming #schoollife

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Banana Message
- Who wouldn't want to eat fruit with a special Elf message? A sharpie on a banana is pure elf magic.

Toilet Paper Ride
- Let your Elf get mischievous without being too messy. This toilet paper ride is perfect for small bathrooms.

Naughty Elf having too much fun ???? #elfontheshelf #absailingelf #christmasfun

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Shoe Train
- Everyone climb aboard the shoe train with the Elf as the conductor.

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- Pack an elf approved lunch: treats, treat, and more treats. Sorry kids, you can't eat this lunch.

Oh Candy...Phoebe can't eat all of that!! ? #elfontheshelf #naughtyelf

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Bow Climbing
- Using a few bows from your Christmas wrapping supplies, your elf can climb up a wall or the kitchen cabinet. All you need is a little tape for your elf and a few bows.

I put bows all over the kitchen cabinets so that I could bow climb #elfontheshelf #elfontheshelfideas

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Card Game
- Grab some your kid's stuffed animals and them play a game of Go Fish or Poker.

Tropical Get-Away
- Because the Elf needs a vacation too!

It's soooo cold in Seattle, so #Zippy brought the beach to us today!! ?????????? #elfontheshelf

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