Romantic Engagement Party for a 106-Year-Old Bride Proves Love is Worth the Wait

posted: 02/08/17
by: Blythe Copeland
The couple enjoys a passionate kiss
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You can't hurry love -- and the sweet engagement of 106-year-old Valdemira Rodrigues de Oliveira is proof. Oliveira, who's never been married, found the love of her life at her nursing home in Brazil when she was 103. Her husband-to-be, Aparecido Dias Jacob, is younger -- only 66 -- but he's never been married, either.

After the couple's doctors warned against the pair getting married and moving out of the nursing home to live on their own, staff at the center put together a once-in-a-lifetime engagement ceremony for the lovebirds, giving them the chance to celebrate their love with their friends and family. They exchanged rings, kissed, and were the guests of honor at a party complete with a live band and four-tier cake.

The bride to be!
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"I fell in love with Valda from the moment I saw her," said Jacob in the Daily Mail. "I asked her to marry me and we always believed it would happen but getting engaged is a step forward for us right now."

And though Oliveira is content to spend the rest of her life with Jacob, she does have some regrets about not meeting him sooner: "I know it's not going to happen," she said, "but I would have loved to be able to wash Jaco's clothes, cook his meals, and look after him like a wife."

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Wedding make-up
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