Rock Your Next Manicure with Geode Nail Art

posted: 03/07/17
by: Blythe Copeland

If you're looking for a nail trend to bridge the gap from the dark neutrals of winter to the bright hues of spring, try geode nail designs: These combinations of jewel tones and glitter polishes are an earthy, organic way to add a little extra shimmer to your mani. The detailed designs are made from several different colors and types of polish layered on the nail -- and then sanded off with a small nail drill to expose the shades, sparkles, and the transitions between each. Choose the design for one accent nail or for your entire hand, and opt for brilliant, eye-popping tones or subtle gray and metallic neutrals.

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Nails magazine published this video tutorial for amethyst geode nails from artist Lauren Wireman, who used pigments, art paints, and glitter to create the finished look.

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PopSugar Beauty also suggests using a waterless marbling technique -- blending polishes together in a yogurt lid, letting them dry into a sheet of polish, and then cutting to fit each nail --to create a similar layered, swirled look.

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