Return to Amish: Where’s Kate?

posted: 05/03/17
by: Kate Meroski
The premiere of Return to Amish has fans asking 'where is Kate Stoltz?' the ex-Amish beauty turned model and designer.

We've been with Kate since the very beginning; from her tough decision to leave the Amish life behind, to falling in love with New York City, to pursuing her dreams to model and attend fashion school.

Following the premiere, Kate shared with fans on her Facebook page why she's taking time off television to focus on her education.
She explains, "I've been asked by a lot of people whether I will be appearing on television in the near future. The answer is no. I decided to fully immerse myself into my work in design, and finishing my college degree at FIT. Getting a good education is very important to me."

Kate concludes her post by telling fans "I will never forget everyone that supported me while I was on screen, and the ones that continue to take the time to say hello on this platform. You motivate me."

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