Resolutions NOT to Make This Year: Eat Healthy

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by: Blythe Copeland

Like losing weight, "eat healthy" is the kind of vague resolution that hardly ever lasts -- especially when it's inspired by little more than a few weeks of holiday indulgence, Christmas cookies, and boozy parties. If you are serious about making over your eating habits for health reasons, though, set specific, manageable goals you can tackle one at a time: If you buy a takeout lunch every day, resolve to bring lunch from home three days a week in January. If you want to break your nightly dessert habit, resolve to replace your ice cream with fruit (or even frozen yogurt). If your doctor has suggested making over your eating habits, then focus on the numbers -- lowering your cholesterol, evening out your blood sugar, or whichever area she's suggested could use improvement -- according to a prescribed plan.

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