Red or Blue: Throw an Epic Election Day Viewing Party

posted: 11/07/16
by: Katie Morton
American flags and November 8th calendar date - election day

Whether you're a Democrat or a Republican (or somewhere in between), hosting an Election Day Viewing Party is a fun way to get your crew together. Election Day is right around the corner, so now's the time to start planning your bash. With a few simple party details, you can throw together an epic viewing party to unite both sides of the aisle.

Primary Color Decor

Your decorative color palette is a no brainer: Red, white, and blue it is. Deck out the party area in USA themed colors. Scatter mini flags anywhere and everywhere. Add bunting on banisters and hang in your entryway for even more patriotic appeal.

Red, White, and Blue Mojito

No matter what your party affiliation, this patriotic-hued cocktail will get your guests in a festive mood. Check out the full recipe at Fashionably Bombed. Garnish with edible glitter stars for even more Election Day sparkle.

Gold-toned Donkey and Elephant swizzle sticks? We found them on Etsy and they're (almost) too cute to use! Set these up on the bar for a decorative touch.

Patriotic Party Attire

The party attire should be casual--this is a viewing party, after all. You can up the thematic appeal by asking guests to wear red, white, and blue. Give out a special award for Most Patriotic Attire.

Voting Booth Photo Ops

It's fairly easy to make voting booth photo areas; all you need is a Polaroid camera and a hanging red, white and blue curtain. Decorate the curtain backdrop with elephants or donkeys and add a few Election themed props for guest to hold in their pictures. Your friends will have a blast taking Insta-worthy snaps in your "voting booth."

Election Tally Viewing Screens

Remember that guests will actually be interested in the election results. Make sure you have multiple viewing areas displaying the current tally. Don't worry if you don't have several TVs, you can also use your laptop to live steam the results on a blank wall.

The Sweet Taste of Victory Dessert

A cheesecake flag, you say? This sweet treat will help celebrate a victory or ease the sting of defeat. No matter how you cut it, Martha Stewart's Flag-Themed Cheesecake is a winner.

Election Night only comes once every four years. Don't miss out on the chance to throw a bash, toast with friends, and celebrate our great country's new POTUS.