Recipes That Feature In-Season Spring Produce

posted: 04/06/18
by: Kristine Boyd

Spring is in full swing which means that it is time to swap out those hearty stews for something fresh and light. One of the best parts of warm weather is the amazing produce that comes with it. Everything from asparagus and peas to pineapple and apricots are at their peak during these months. In season produce is always on sale due to the abundance of harvested fruits and vegetables making an even better reason to get in the kitchen and start cooking spring recipes!

Split Pea Soup by The Awesome Green

Peas definitely scream spring. They are perfect around this time of year and are extremely delicious in recipes or on their own! This split pea soup is made from cooked and blended peas. The texture of pureed peas is creamy, smooth and super rich making for a satisfying dish!

Ham and Peas Pasta by Damn Delicious

Got any leftover ham? This is the perfect dish to use unused lunch meat or cooked ham from Easter. This pasta is smothered in a parmesan cream sauce that makes the whole dish decadent. Peas are an essential component to this dish because they add that delicious, fresh flavor that brings the meal to life!

Loaded Kale Salad by Minimalist Baker

This 30-minute meal is packed with spring produce. It contains kale, carrots, spring mix and more amazing in-season vegetables. Top it all off with a delicious creamy tahini dressing and you have the perfect lunch or dinner!

One Pan Steak and Asparagus by Damn Delicious

Asparagus comes to life this time of year. Its savory and earthy with the perfect hint of sweetness and what better way to eat it than with a beautifully cooked steak. This one-pan dinner makes for a simple meal with minimal clean up. Steak and asparagus will definitely become your go-to spring dinner!

Breakfast Scramble Stuffed Avocados by Spoon Fork Bacon

You may think avocados are always in season, but spring is the time when they really shine. Try making this delicious breakfast scramble stuffed avocado for a weekend brunch or a fast weeknight meal. Packed with tons of healthy fats and protein, this is sure to make you stay energized all day long!

Pineapple Salsa by Fit Mitten Kitchen

Make the perfect side dish or appetizer for any spring festivity with pineapples! Fruit will be especially sweet and juicy in the upcoming months so take full advantage. This salsa is the perfect accompaniment to meats like pork, chicken or even fish!

Spring is here and it's time to put delicious produce to good use. Take a trip to your local farmers market and buy the best fruits and vegetables you can find. You will have endless, delicious meals all spring long! Now check out the best way to meal prep chicken!