Real TLC Family Moments

posted: 12/07/16
by: TLC

We love fictional family dramas too, but real family moments still capture our attention the most. Check out these real family moments from three of our favorite families, the Busby family, the Brown family, and the Roloff family and see them for yourself on TLCGO.com or the TLCGO app.

1. Wedding Woes in the Brown Family

In the midst of wedding planning for Madison, Tony asks Mykelti's father, Kody, for his daughter's hand in marriage. Kody and wife Christine are completely thrown off guard. Tony and Mykelti have only been dating for five months and are hoping to have the wedding two months after Madison's big day. Will Kody be able to hold two weddings in one summer?

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2. Caring for the Roloff Family Farm

While Matt was in surgery, Amy received a letter that they lost their water rights and can no longer use the water wells to irrigate their pumpkin farm. Zach and Jeremy try to take over and help out their dad around the farm since Matt needs to rest while in recovery. Will the pumpkins survive?

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3. First Day of School in the Busby Family

Can you imagine having 6 daughters? Adam and Danielle have 6-year-old Blayke and quintuplet daughters who are a year and a half. It's not always easy giving Blayke the attention she once had as the quintuplets are understandably a handful. However, Adam and Danielle make Blayke feel extra special as she heads off to her first day of kindergarten.

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